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Jane Daly's Worklife podcast - Teresa Rose: Learning Design

PUBLISHED: 23/09/2020



Teresa Rose, Independent Learning and Performance Consultant

In this episode Jane talk to Teresa Rose about the importance of learning design 

Teresa is a freelance learning and performance consultant, with 15 years’ experience in workplace people development. 

Teresa’s career has encompassed everything from programme design through to large scale global change and transformation projects, particularly in the use of digital learning technology. An avid learner herself, Teresa regularly takes inspiration from outside of L&D, including technology, behavioural science, digital marketing, and design. She is a volunteer for CIPD, a founding member of Digital Women and a regular judge for The Learning Technology Awards.  Prior to a career in L&D, Teresa has worked in EdTech, FMCG, Media, Logistics, Not for Profit, and retail management. Away from work, she is a single mum of 2; a keen salsa and kizomba dancer, and a fitness enthusiast. 

Teresa also recommends:

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You can also find out more about Teresa, including details of how to contact her, here 

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