Storytelling has become a bit of a buzzword; offering to engage an audience, make you more authentic, memorable, influential…

Well as luck would have it, it does do all these things and more.

Whether you’re a bank, a charity or a football club TheWholeStory’s training can help you reap the benefits of storytelling to communicate, to develop and to understand your ideas and actions.


How did our story begin?

With our backgrounds in Storytelling Performance (that’ll be Josh Gaillemin) and Theatre Directing (Lily Pender), we joined forces in 2005 to see how storytelling could be used within contemprary working life. And since then our training and facilitation has enhanced not only how our clients communicate and present, but also how they make changes and improvements, find and embody their values or brand and build engagement across their organisation.

We have enjoyed working with all sorts, from doctors to scientists, CEOs to volunteers, auctioneers to management consultants. We love helping them unpick and understand their issues, as well as hearing them flourish when they find their story, tell their story and connect with their story.



How we can help your story?

What we offer has grown from how we have collaboratively responded to the needs of our clients.

We have a number of existing successful workshops but enjoy creating bespoke training and always refine our training to suit each of our clients and our participants.

Please visit our website to find case studies where details of our workshops can be found,

If you’d like to find out more, ask us a question or pick our brains about something, even if you’re not sure what we do, then get in touch.

Our experiential training, workshops and coaching falls into the following themes:

Communication and Interaction

Prepare, explore, form and edit how you present yourself and your organisation. Make ideas accessible, pertinent and enticing to others. Develop your vocal and physical presence and personal impact to comfortably influence and build relationships.


Developing and Understanding Strategy, Change and Improvement

Stories and narratives can be used by organisations to actively ex­plore, develop and then communicate change and strategies. Convey a change as part of the on-going story and it is less confrontational, inspires empathy and encourages involvement.


Brand and Values

Explore and communicate through stories and storytelling who your organisation is, what it believes and what it does. A story of an experience tangibly brings to life ideals, intentions and values.


Organisational and Customer Engagement

Stories are an ideal engagement tool as they connect us, generate a positive common understanding and a sense of identity.


Career & Worklife Guidance
Culture & Transformation
Inspiring People & Coaching


Content Design


Advertising & Marketing
Asset Management
Business Services
Engineering & Construction
Entertainment & Media
Environment & Agriculture
Financial Services
Forest, Paper & Packaging
Government & Public Sector
Hospitality & Leisure
Industrial Engineering
Oil & Gas
Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
Power & Utilities
Real Estate
Retail & Consumer
Service Provider
Transport & Logistics


North East
North West
East Midlands
West Midlands
South East
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