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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast: Kirsten Chick, Nutrition Brought to Life

In this episode Jane talks to Kirsten Chick about Nutrition Brought to Life

Kirsten Chick is an experienced and knowledgeable nutritional therapist, teacher and writer, and author of the book, Nutrition Brought to Life. 

She has been practising since 2003 and offers online and phone consultations. She is known for her warm, approachable style, and aims to tailor recommendations not just to what people need, but also to what is manageable.
As Kirsten believes food is to be enjoyed, she provides recipes and meal inspirations in her blogs and social media, and there are 50 recipes in section 2 of Nutrition Brought to Life.
Kirsten also provides online workshops and courses, covering subjects ranging from sugar to menopause, and can provide bespoke workshops for companies, community groups and organisations.

Kirsten recommends listeners explore the following links if they would like to delve deeper into her insights and work: 

A link to Kirsten’s Book – Nutrition Brought to Life book: https://www.alchimiapublishing.com/nutrition-brought-to-life/ - also available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nutrition-Brought-Life-Kirsten-Chick/dp/1999306120/, https://www.waterstones.com/book/nutrition-brought-to-life/kirsten-chick/9781999306120 etc. A link to Kirsten’s Nutrition bog and website: www.connectwithnutrition.co.uk - where there are blogs and recipes plus details of one-to-one consultations and upcoming workshops Kirsten’s You tube channel - including Bite-Sized Nutrition Tips recently recorded  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLy718j0Fe68OGvo-bmFeeg/playlists

You can find out more about Kirsten, including how to connect HERE:  For more details, see www.connectwithnutrition.co.uk, e-mail Kirsten at info@connectwithnutrition.co.uk or call her on 07968137246.

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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast: Joan Keevill, The power of Professional Networks


In this episode Jane talks to Joan Keevill about the power of Professional Networks

Joan is Director of Designs on Learning Ltd, an e-learning consultancy. She has a wide range of clients, many of them large corporates, and specialises in the areas of leadership and compliance. She also works with a number of associates who manage the production side of the work on her behalf. The majority of Joan's new business comes through her network so she invests time in nurturing it. Joan has been Chair of the eLearning Network since 2018 and on the Board since 2016. She initiated the webinar series, managed the transition in 2020 from face-to-face to more virtual events and recently ran the third round of Board elections. Being on the eLN enables Joan to reach out to over 20,000 industry professionals via its social media platforms, as well as to give something back to the industry after her decades of experience working in it.

Joan recommends listeners explore the following topics if they would like to delve deeper into her insights: 

The eLN Review of 2020 (https://elearningnetwork.org/the-elearning-network-a-review-of-2020-and-a-look-ahead-to-2021/) - I'm constantly amazed by what a group of 12 volunteer Directors of the eLN can achieve and how they stepped up to the plate when the pandemic began. This review explains the range of our activities and how members benefit by being part of this dynamic network. The Learning and Development Handbook, Michelle Parry Slater (https://www.koganpage.com/product/the-learning-and-development-handbook-9781789663327) - to be published on 3rd Feb 2021. I've had the pleasure of reading an early proof and it's a very practical guide that will suit people at all levels in L&D. In itself it's not about networking but Michelle epitomises networking and sharing good practice and that's how the idea of the book came about - via twitter. The Women Talking About Learning (WTAL) podcast series (https://womentalkingaboutlearning.com/) - initiated by Andrew Jacobs, this is an evolving resource and well worth a listen by all in L&D. I feature in the Imposter Syndrome one and also the Evidence one. Andrew felt women's voices were not being heard enough. Again, he is another great networker and blogger, publishing a short blog post daily.

You can find out more about Joan and the eLearning Network (eLN) here 

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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast: Clive Shepherd, The Future of Learning Technologies


In this Episode Jane talks to Clive Shepherd about the Future of Learning Technologies


Until Clive’s retirement in 2020, he was a workplace learning consultant, writer and speaker, working with a broad range of public and private sector organisations internationally, helping them to build capability and to transform workplace learning through the effective integration of formal, informal, on-demand and experiential learning.


Clive established his interest in interactive media while Director, Training and Creative Services for American Express in EMEA. He went on to co-found Epic (now Leo), one of the major producers of custom digital learning content.


For many years he has have been regarded as an expert in workplace learning and development, with hundreds of published articles to his name. He is the author of a number of books, including The Blended Learning Cookbook, The New Learning Architect and More Than Blended Learning. Clive has spoken regularly at major international conferences and until recently contributed regularly his blog, Clive on Learning. Clive has also designed and delivered programmes on digital and blended learning for the Chartered Institute in Personnel and Development, for whom he was a member of their L&D Advisory Group.


Clive recommends the following 3 things if you would like to delve deeper:

1 The book/e-book: More Than Blended Learning   https://skillsjourney.com/more-than-blended-learning-the-book/

2 The Four Responsibilities of The Learning Professional: https://four-responsibilities.org/

3 My blog - Clive on Learning:  http://www.cliveonlearning.com/

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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Ian Mcllwain: Digital-first Learning


In this episode Jane talk to Ian Mcllwain about Digital-first Learning

Ian is a technology company leader with more than 20 years’ experience in business development, sales, and strategic operations. As part of the UK leadership team and Head of LinkedIn Learning UK & Ireland, Ian is currently leading a team helping clients to develop, retain and transform their talent. 

In the workplace, Ian is passionate about customer value, technology, diversity, inclusion & belonging, coaching, empowerment, compassionate management, building great teams and having fun doing it.

Ian recommends the following 3 things for listeners to deep-dive further: 

Something free from Linkedin: https://linkedin.github.io/career-explorer/


LinkedIn Career Explorer

Comparing skills across jobs can make it easier to find the right job for you. Since Time Management is a critical skill for both Food Servers and Operations Coordinators, let’s go deeper to understand the other skills that overlap between the two jobs and what skills you would need to build to move from one job to the other.


What does it do

“Our Career Explorer tool will help you discover potential career opportunities based on the skills you already have. Enter your most recent job, and we’ll surface opportunities that you have high skills overlap with and resources to help you build any new skills to make a career pivot”

Something free from Microsoft: https://opportunity.linkedin.com/skills-for-in-demand-jobs

Free Learning Paths for Top Jobs

Start developing your skills with free learning paths from LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn.



Something not to do with LinkedIn or Microsoft but a resource I love:


  Find out more about Ian here Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 


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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Sara Davenport: Reboot your Health


In this Episode Jane talks to Sara Davenport about Reboot your Health

Sara Davenport is a health writer and blogger.  She is the founder of the health blog www.reboothealth.co.ukand author of best-selling books ‘Reboot your Health’ and ‘Reboot your Brain’.  She is the founder of Breast Cancer Haven, one of the UK’s leading cancer charities.  She has been involved with holistic health and natural medicine for more than 30 years and is a passionate advocate of furthering the concept of complementary therapies working hand in hand with conventional medicine.

Sara recommends listeners explore the following topics if they would like to delve deeper into her insights: 

 ReBoot Health looks at all aspects of holistic health and healing, bringing you a regular dose of DIY get-well advice. From nutrition to detox, sleep to air pollution and the best health tests on the market, ReBoot Health covers a wide range of topics, delivering you the low-down on conventional medicine and complementary therapies. What works and what’s new.

​https://www.reboothealth.co.uk/ Is the site link...  a free online library resource for all your health issues.

The Coronavirus collection - everything you need to get you and your loved ones safely through this winter


Backed by extensive, evidence-based research, ‘Reboot your Brain’ explains how to boost your brain health and keep it in optimal condition long into your old age.


An article discussing air pollution


You can find out more about Sara, including how to connect here Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 
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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Nancy Kline: The Promise that changes everything


In this episode Jane talks to Nancy Kline about her life, new book and the Thinking environment. 

Nancy Kline is the author of four books including the recently published bestseller, The Promise That Changes Everything (Penguin Random House) and the 20-year bestseller Time To Think (Cassell/Octopus).

She is also Founding Director of Time To Think, a global leadership development and coaching company. Her ongoing research through her lecturing and her work with colleagues, professionals, executives and teams around the world continues to build the body of thought known as ’The Thinking Environment’. 

Nancy is Visiting Faculty at Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School, UK. 

 Born and raised in New Mexico, Nancy is a UK citizen and lives in Oxfordshire with her English husband, Christopher Spence. 

Nancy recommends the following 3 simple things listeners could do to delve deeper: 

- Decide to live for one week without interupting anyone ever, staying interested in where they will go next with their thinking.   - Read these two masterpieces:

Mathew Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction (Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux)

        James Williams’ Stand Out of Our Light: Freedom and Resistance in the Attention Economy (Cambrigde University Press)

- Invite someone to be a Thinking Partner with you once a week for six weeks. Take Individual turns of five minutes each to think about any issue of your choice with the other’s full attention and with the promise of no interruption. Avoid comment of any kind unless invited. Appreciate each other at the end.      Links to find out more about Nancy and her work : https://www.nancykline.com  https://www.timetothink.com Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 

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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Paul Morton: Leadership


In this episode Jane talks to Paul Morton about Leadership

Paul Morton has been living and breathing leadership, learning and learning technologies for over 20 years. He started business as a stand-up trainer, then as a coder creating an early LMS, an eLearning author and then as a manager of technology teams. That background combined with a surprisingly useful degree in Scandinavian studies from Edinburgh leads to interesting conversations on leadership, change, learning and business growth with leaders in all industries. 

Most recently, Paul has been working as the regional sales director for CrossKnowledge, a SaaS high-growth corporate learning solution business, leading teams in Europe, the Americas and building channel partners around the globe. 

Born and raised in Scotland, he emigrated to London in 1999 and now lives in Hampshire with his wife and two young children. Paul is a fellow of the learning and performance institute (FLPI) and a fellow of the royal society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures and commerce (FRSA). He is also fluent in English, Norwegian, Danish and French.

If you want to explore more, Paul recommends three books, On Leading self, leading others, leading businesses:

How to win friends and influence people - the book I 'prescribe' most to people, first published in 1936 and still sharp and relevant. It's a playbook on how to get better at being human. Buy it here  Influence by Robert Cialdini - how to persuade and guide people towards your desired outcomes. Buy it here Dilbert.com / anything by Scott Adams. A gentle patina of humour and cynicism towards corporate life. (He's also written a great book - How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big) Buy it here  You can find our more about Paul and how to contact him here Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 
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Jane Daly's Worklife podcast - Ann James: Unlived

Ann James MA MSc, Executive Fellow, Henley Business School, Coach & Coach Supervisor, Member, Association for Coaching, Approved Tutor, International Coach Federation

In this episode Jane talk to Ann James about the importance of focusing on what's 'Unlived'

In Ann's own words...

I started my career in the events and broadcast sectors, did ok, and decided at the ripe old age of 30 that corporate life and me were not going to get along. I asked myself what I might be really scared of doing - which was walking away and setting up on my own. That’s exactly what I did. Every year, I ask myself that same question, and find something - even a tiny something - that I think I can’t do, then have a go.

In the almost 30 years since, I have largely followed my nose; the scent trail brought me to coaching, nudging others to take a chance, make a change, have a go.

I have a private coaching, personal development and coach development practice, and I train coaches at the world-renowned Henley Business School, which runs the only global, triple-accredited coach programme of its kind. 

Around my 50th birthday, I read a book that pointed my nose in a new direction, leading me to American writer - and now film-maker - Joan Anderson. Since getting into the habit of attending her Cape Cod retreats, I have been hosting my Sea Change ® getaways on the Suffolk coast for groups of women who have reached that point in life where they feel the urge to sniff the air and take stock.  

We often surprise ourselves.

If you are looking for be inspired more by what's 'Unlived', Ann recommends:  Joan Anderson and Nancy Kline as inspirations, role models and mentors – have a look at what they have done and who they are! Sniffing the air (what is outlived in one’s life and what is unloved?) Surprising oneself (the importance of having a go) If you would like to find out more about Ann's work click here  Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 
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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Andrew Jacobs: Learning delivery


In this episode Jane talks to Andrew Jacobs, an independent Learning Consultant about Learning delivery. 

Andrew Jacobs is a recognised leader in learning, known for his innovative thinking about learning, training and technology. He has significant experience in a range of roles across learning, training and people development, experience acquired across a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors. Andrew has a specific understanding of developing online and digital solutions for learning, social profile and engagement. In 2020 he won the Jay Cross Memorial Award for his work in the field of informal learning. He is a Fellow of the Learning Performance Institute (LPI) and an independent Learning Consultant.

If you are looking to explore more about successful Learning delivery, Andrew recommends: Dangerous Ideas, a book by Alf Rehn which challenges your thinking about creativity, click here 


The Big Man Can't Shoot - series 1, episode 3 of the Revisionist History podcast series. In this episode, a basketball legend - Wilt Chamberlain - is considered. He couldn’t shoot free throws so changed his technique to an underhand method and started scoring at will. He then switched back and the podcast is a great piece to get people to think about what drives success.


The Transformative Power of Classical Music - a TED talk by Benjamin Zander which is about passion, leadership, and engaging people emotionally but NOT about classical music, click here 

You can also find out more about Andrew, including details of how to contact him, here 

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Jane Daly's Worklife podcast - Dr Hannah Gore: Disrupting the Norm

Dr Hannah Gore, Independent & Learning Experience Consultant.

In this episode Jane talks to Dr Hannah Gore, is an Independent Learning Experience Consultant on Disrupting the Norm.

After 13 years at The Open University, Dr Hannah Gore was asked to join Solera’s EMEA division to oversee the development and launch of their internal Business School, to train staff in 46 European countries, with further expansion to 93 countries and 37 companies as part of the company’s 2020 vision. 

Hannah joined The Open University in 2005, and developed a range of projects with students and academics, largely in on the theme of improving online communication methods within the web presence of The Open University, which utilised a range of emerging tools, platforms, and techniques to leverage student engagement. 

In her last position at The Open University Hannah worked on several projects regarding the impact of social media on student engagement. With the developing movement towards social learning and its use of hosting on third party platforms, Hannah’s portfolio subsequently expanded to Senior Producer at The Open University, creating content for circa 10 million people worldwide. It was within this role coupled with the culmination of her experience across the domain that led to Hannah influencing and leading the development of aspects of The Open University’s free online learning platforms, OpenLearn and FutureLearn, with additional syndication arrangements to third party platforms. 

Hannah has worked in both the public and private sections, and has graduated with five qualifications, including an MBA and an MSc, from The Open University. As an advocate of lifelong learning, Hannah was awarded her fifth qualification, a doctorate on the ‘Engagement of Informal Learners Undertaking Open Online Courses and the Impact of Design’, providing the academic field with the largest single source of MOOC engagement data to date. 

In her professional career since Covid-19, Hannah undertakes freelance consultancy in a wide range of L&D specialisms, and serves as an Online Executive Panel Member at McKinsey, as well as for think tanks giving views on emerging technologies and the impact of social changes across the industry.

If you are looking to learn more about Disrupting the Norm , Hannah recommends:

Keep up to date with Hannah's blogs at https://drhannahgore.com/ and https://thecanonburyconsultancygroup.com/ Follow: #WomeninLearning on LinkedIn for updates across the learning industry and to join the network  Read this insightful book called Physical Intelligence by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton, Click to find out more or to buy it  If you want out more about Hannah's & Connonbury Consultantcy Group click here  Enjoyed this episode? There's lot's more to listen to, sign up here to find out more


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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Nigel Paine: Self-determined Learning


In this episode Jane talks to Nigel Paine about Self-determined Learning 

Nigel is a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation and a unique grasp of media, learning and development in the public, private and academic sectors.

He has extensive experience in leadership and consultancy with public service broadcasters, SMEs, global industry players, government and education institutions.

Nigel focuses on the use of learning technologies, organisational development, leadership and creativity with a spotlight on maximising human potential, innovation and performance in the workplace. Nigel is a strategic thinker, able to motivate, lead and drive organisations forward to deliver business and training

Nigel has been involved in corporate learning for over twenty years and was appointed in April 2002 to head up the BBC’s Learning and Development operation. Under his leadership, the team developed a brand-new on-boarding experience, a comprehensive leadership development programme for over 6,000 staff, an award-winning intranet, and state of the art informal learning and knowledge sharing networks.

Nigel recommends the following if you would like to delve deeper into Self-determined Learning:

Something from the Past: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/opinion/learning-emotion-education.html.   This focusses on the relationship between emotion and learning!

Something from the Present: Reich, J. (2020). In Failure to Disrupt, Why Technology Alone Can't Transform Education. Harvard University Press. This is a great read and I hope you enjoy it, if you invest in it! Buy it here 

Something for the Future:  I like to think of this in the context of the future, and having “Hope”, so I would like to recommend my book:  Workplace LearningHow to build a culture of  continuous employee development.   It is available from www.koganpage.com and if you use the code: FRIENDSOFNIGEL  at checkout will get a 20% discount and free postage.

You can find out more about Nigel here Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 
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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Stella Collins: Bring on the Learning Revolution



In this episode Jane talks to Stella Collins, Neuroscientist, and explores bringing on the Learning Revolution!  

Stella is founder and Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs and one of the Brain Ladies. 

She is an acknowledged expert on the practical application of science-based learning to business performance and is author of Kogan Page’s sell-out book ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’, already translated into 3 other languages. Stella inspires audiences at international learning conferences and is regularly invited as a guest on round table discussions, webinars, podcasts and blogs.

Stella has a clear understanding of the challenges faced by people in organisations asked to deliver tough or technical training and applies principles from neuroscience and psychology to create practical solutions to transform learning cultures.  She regularly consults, designs and delivers face to face, virtual and digital training herself, so she knows the principles work in the real world and deliver genuine return on investment.  Stella has trained 1,000s of learning professionals in brain friendly principles in her more than 20 years in L&D.

She has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, is a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and through Stellar Labs she returns to her roots in the IT industry.

If you are looking to explore more about Neuroscience and how to bring on the learning revolution, Stella recommends: 

The Stella Labs programme currently called Conscious Learning – but we’re about to rename it to Learning Agility – the page right now is here https://programmes.stellarlabs.eu/conscious-learning-programme The Stella labs Future of Learning Podcasts:   https://blog.stellarlabs.eu/-  A valuable resource for anyone new to designing online learning / webinars right now – here’s the pocketbook (cowritten by Andy Lancaster) https://www.pocketbook.co.uk/product/webinars-pocketbook/ 

And other books Stella recommends on the brain:

Brain Rules by John Medina - Click here  Neuroscience for Organisational Change by Hilary Scarlett - Click here Brain Matters by Margie Meecham – another Brain Lady - Click here  You can find our more about Stella and how to contact Stella Labs here  Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more 
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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast - Katie King: AI in Business




In this episode Jane talks to Katie King about the facinating world of AI and how it's impacting Business. 

Katie King has over 30 years’ experience and has advised many of the world’s leading brands and business leaders, including Richard Branson/Virgin, Natwest/RBS, Accenture, PA Consulting, Orange, Arsenal Football Club, and Harrods.  Her expertise spans all industries and sectors, with IPO experience, and growth for blue-chip brands and start-ups.

In recent years, Katie has developed a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, and has become a sought-after thought leader on the topic.  She is author of Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing:  How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge, published by Kogan Page in February 2019.  Katie is also a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the enterprise adoption of AI.

If you are looking to explore more about AI in Business, Katie recommends: Katie's book on AI  – my legacy and something I’m really proud of. 

Here’s a link to purchase it and a 20% discount code for listeners:

www.koganpage.com/AI-in-marketing Code:AIMARKETING20

A superb book by Max Tegmark from MIT called: Life 3.0 – a must read!

Click here to find out more or buy it 

Access to the keynote speech on AI in Business 


An incredible Dan Brown novel 'Origin' based around AI

Click here to find out more or buy it 

You can find out more about Katie and her work here  Enjoyed this episode? There's lots more to listen to, sign up here to find out more