It's what we believe in. 

We are People Who Know (PWK) and we are on a mission to help build better Worklives through education and opportunity. 

With forty years between us leading workplace adaptability, education and wellbeing, we saw first hand how people struggled to find providers of Worklife Services and the Insight to help guide them. We saw there needed to be a revolutionary way to make things better. That’s why we built PWK as the place to find Worklife Experts and Education Insight to Inspire change and growth. We do this in three ways: 

  • We provide a digital shop window for truly great providers of Worklife services to share what they can do and to demonstrate how they can make a difference.
  • We make it easy for people to search for experts, education insight and support to help create better Worklives for all.
  • We guide a community where people can connect and build networks to support each other and drive impactful change within organisations.

If you want to browse and contact proviiders of Worklife services in a smarter way, this is the marketplace and network for you. Join the revolution, experience something different and influence Worklives, for good, for all. 

Our Mission

To share ideas, offer support and provide a platform for all to build and live their best Worklife.

We are here because we believe that the landscape of work is changing at pace and we (all) need people who know how to help us navigate to our best Worklife. This is our direction of travel - we are here because we want to help.

Our Values

To be the best version of ourselves in helping you create the Worklife you deserve.

  • Honesty: Because being true to ourselves and our community matters.
  • Curiosity: Because it's how we learn.
  • Forbearance: Because it doesn't always go to plan.
  • Optimism: Because we believe in people.
  • Community: Because it's what makes us strong.

Our Vision

To lead the way for everyone to have a Worklife that is fulfilling and future friendly.  

We are passionate about helping our community see through the clutter and hear through the noise to focus on what is important - to create a Worklife that works for them, that creates value for others and secures a future for all.

Our Team

Jane Daly, Co-founder & CEO, People Who Know

Jane has over 20 years experience working as a senior leader. She is an entrepreneur and coach with expertise of leading complex organisational transformations and has a passion for supporting people 'to learn to fish for themselves' through her insights, coaching and consulting practice. Jane's work is grounded in evidence and providing proof of value & impact. She has a proven track record in commercially adapting organisational culture and worklives for good, whilst accelerating growth, transformation, productivity, profitability & wellbeing.

Jane thrives leading high-value teams and she loves pushing the boundaries. She works across the profit, not-for-profit and charity sectors and supports people in fast growth organisations, start-ups, professional bodies, governments, academics and providers. Jane does her best work when she creates space to be curious and time to think. She is a regular publisher of thought-leadership that influences people on the advantages of human flourishing, the value of circular economies and gains of building trust through worklives that balance purpose & profit. 

James Birrell, Co-founder & COO, of People Who Know

James has over 20 years experience working with organisations providing consultancy support and coaching. He is an entrepreneur with experience in content design, learning provision and strategic development as well digital start-ups and being publishing.

James has a keen interest in helping others to achieve their potential and to live their best Worklife. He has supported leaders in commercial organisations and not-for-profit enterprises, volunteered with charities to provide guidance and strategic direction, and worked with graduates and individuals beginning their careers to provide guidance on how best to build a fulfilling Worklife. Sharing the benefits of People Who Know is his passion. 

Brid Nunn, Client Success at People Who Know 

Brid has over 20 years experience of working in commercial roles and in driving client and customer success. She has achieved many acolades leading large-scale transformational learning & performance initiatives and was awarded 'Learning and Development Professional' of the year in 2016 for her incredible work for M&S. Working across both commercial areas of business and HR has given Brid a broader background and greater understanding of career opportunities and the world of work. 

Brid is passionate about people and supporting them to have great worklives!  She knows that people are the lifeblood and driving force of any organisation and that with the right support they deliver critical impact that is crucial for success.

We are ably supported by a complementary team of Agile Professionals including Developers, Creatives, Advocates, Copy Writers, Content Creators, Marketeers, Researchers, Analysts and Designers. And we're always on the look out for others to join us to help make a difference. If you're interested in being part of something special, please do get in touch.