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Who are Cote?

Cote is the brainchild of Ian Paterson, a former partner of a global professional services firm.

After many years of working in professional services, it felt very natural to begin working with others in that position; we understand the role and what it feels like.  This gives us a unique perspective to coaching – Cote Consultants can be objective, know when to go up a gear and when to pull over for a break.  We don’t take a one-size fits all approach, all our coaching and consultancy is bespoke, tailored to the individual’s personality and objectives.

Cote isn’t a big business, we are very specialist, we don’t water down our offering to all sectors.  Our bespoke, specialist approach makes us experts in the field of professional services, particularly with law and accounting firms.

Why Cote?

It’s lonely at the top, we’ve been there.  We all want to be successful but until you get there you don’t know how that feels.  There is never a time when you need a coach more – someone who gets it, who has experience in all aspects of running a business, can fire you up, calm you down and get your priorities in order.

Business and life at the top can easily become merged with no boundaries between business and personal, that’s why our service doesn’t stop with business matters, we take a holistic approach to help create balance so you perform at your best and fuel success.


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