The Why

In a fast world, fuelled by technology, competition and expanding choices customer expectations are increasing. However they choose to interact, wherever they are in their journey customers want a fast, easy, personal experience, delivered with personality.

It’s not surprising that service organisations are struggling to keep up. There’s a lot to do, and customers can be fickle. They can sense when everyone is following the same script.

That’s why the brand should be at the heart of the customer experience, at every step of every journey. The strongest brands promise something different and valuable to their customers, and back that up with engaging personal customer experiences that deliver on their promise.

What we do

By bridging the gap between brand strategy and execution, journey-smiths help drive higher value from customer experience efforts - forging better, more powerful, more profitable customer journeys.

The journey we take you on


Understand what your customers care about most Create a compelling vision for the customer experience, that aligns with your brand. Align everyone - get them on the same page with what success looks like (it is hard to engage people and align behaviours around analytics and process maps!) Design and implement end-to-end experiences (journeys) that maximise value


Cut through the clutter to prioritise what matters most. Not everything that can be counted counts, nor every touchpoint is equally important. Bring your brand promise to life - driving recognition and recommendation Create deeper connections with customers, staff and partners Deliver better business outcomes, faster

How we work

We like to work with ambitious organisations, eager to take performance to the next level, and open to the degree of change that’s required.

We love the work, we’re excited by ‘gnarly’ challenges, and we do our utmost to deliver a successful outcome.

We value long-term relationships, and work closely alongside clients and partners.

We take an ‘outside-in’ perspective,  work in an agile way - combining real-time insight with real-world action.

Within our team we have specialist skills in:

Experience Performance
Branded experience CX technology Organisational culture Event design and delivery Facilitation Brand and business strategy Product & marketing Design and communications Journey mapping Lean process improvement Customer insight Innovation


Jes Smith – Founder


Jes is a passionate and engaging speaker and facilitator, and a highly experienced designer, coach and consultant. Jes has spent over 20 years in leadership, organisational development, and customer experience, working extensively with leaders and their teams in the performance space.


Change & Transformation
Coaching & Mentoring
Culture & Organisational DevelopmentĀ 
Digital Learning
Leadership & Executive Education
Management & Team DevelopmentĀ 
Platforms, Systems & Analytics
Talent & Performance Management
The Learning Experience
Training Design & FacilitationĀ 


Action learning
Content Design
Learning Transfer
Lean Six Sigma


Advertising & Marketing
Business Services
Financial Services
Government & Public Sector
Power & Utilities
Retail & Consumer
Service Provider



Latest Reviews

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Dawn Hewitt (CHUMS Mental Healh and Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children, Young People and Families)

Developing a new leadership team within CHUMS was a priority. Jes came for two days and facilitated an excellent workshop. He was warm, engaging and empathic. It was challenging in many ways and we went through a process that helped us to shift our thinking and come together as a cohesive leadership team. Jes switched the pace and offered flexible and responsive ideas. He helped us focus on what we need to do together to create a firmer foundation for the future. I highly recommend him.

Fiona Rigby (St Catherine's Catholic Academy )

Jes worked with a group of Catholic schools in Sheffield. We had been working together for many years but had failed to set up a working arrangement that would mean we had a positive balance of collaboration and competition. We spent two days working with Jes in Nov2016 and the impact has been incredible. We now share policies, staff and a vision that is having a real impact in all of our schools. As well as that the training was inspirational, humorous and enabled us to appreciate each other.