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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast: Cheryl Clemons, Start ups

PUBLISHED: 14/10/2021


In this episode Jane talks to Cheryl Clemons, CEO StoryTagger about Start ups

Cheryl is a respected industry innovator with over 20 years experience in edtech, corporate learning and digital communications, Cheryl Clemons is CEO and Co-Founder of StoryTagger, the video storytelling platform. Using reflection and storytelling techniques, StoryTagger guides people to reflect and share high value tacit knowledge, experiences and stories for work and education. Cheryl set up the consultancy LearnerLab in 2013 with co-founder Carl Hodler to enable progressive learning cultures. StoryTagger grew out of their work in this field during 2017. With customers like Amazon, London Business School and Roche, Cheryl leads the business strategy and team. She has a Masters in Cultural Theory, is the mother of 16-year old twin boys and lives in Brighton, UK. 

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