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The Change Consultancy is a business consultancy with a difference. Our everyday focus is delivering value in everything we do, making sure this added value is not only felt by us, but by our clients and anyone who is touched by our work. But this is not the only reason we are different.

We are dedicated to making our work as transparent as possible. For instance, we created Tribe365™ which is a modular programme, broken down to the lowest common denominator, so our clients can just as easily ask us to facilitate a workshop around people’s differences as well as ask us to lead the whole programme of culture change.

The Change Consultancy brings the most dynamic and efficient approach and practice to change, making sure insurmountable value is always delivered. We are Led Zeppelin and Anorakic in what we do, meaning we always question our surroundings and keep shaking it up, whilst also being fanatical about what we do.


Career & Worklife Guidance
Culture & Transformation
Inspiring People & Coaching
Learning & Reskilling



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Asset Management
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