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Jane Daly's Worklife podcast: Kirsten Chick, Nutrition brought to life

PUBLISHED: 25/10/2021


In this Episode Jane talks to Kirsten Chick about nutrition brought to life. 

Kirsten is an experienced and knowledgeable nutritional therapist, teacher and writer, and author of the book, Nutrition Brought to Life. 
She has been practising since 2003 and offers online and phone consultations. She is known for her warm, approachable style, and aims to tailor recommendations not just to what people need, but also to what is manageable.
As Kirsten believes food is to be enjoyed, she provides recipes and meal inspirations in her blogs and social media, and there are 50 recipes in section 2 of Nutrition Brought to Life.
Kirsten also provides online workshops and courses, covering subjects ranging from sugar to menopause, and can provide bespoke workshops for companies, community groups and organisations.

Kirsten recommends listeners explore the following links if they would like to delve deeper into her insights: 

A link to Kirsten’s Book – Nutrition Brought to Life book: - also available at etc.

A link to Kirsten’s Nutrition bog and website: - where there are blogs and recipes plus details of one-to-one consultations and upcoming workshops

Kirsten’s You tube channel - including Bite-Sized Nutrition Tips recently recorded

You can find out more about Kirsten, including how to connect HERE:  For more details, see, e-mail Kirsten at or call her on 07968137246.

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