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Jane Daly's Worklife Podcast: Laura Overton, Life in the Overlap

PUBLISHED: 06/04/2021


In this epiode Jane talks to Laura Overton about Life in the Overlap

Laura Overton is an award winning learning analyst dedicated to uncovering and sharing effective practices in learning innovation that lead to business value. The author of over 40 reports and hundreds of articles, her work is based on 35 years of practical experience and a commitment to supporting evidence informed learning decisions. As the founder and original CEO of Towards Maturity, she is also known for leading a 15 year longitudinal study programme (2004 – 2019) with thousands of Learning leaders and workers around the globe to uncover and share learning strategies that lead to business success. Her recent work includes a collaborative global project to support L&D leaders emerge stronger from disruption.

Laura recommends exploring the following areas if you'd like to dig deeper:

Find out more about Laura and her work here

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