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Rethink Cafe: Virtual & Hybrid Learning

PUBLISHED: 06/04/2021

28th October 2021,  8:30am - 9:30am (BST) Online (Zoom) Event

Digital-first Worklives series - Virtual & Hybrid Learning

Are your virtual and hybrid learning investments paying off? 

Virtual and hybrid learning are now dominant in the world of workplace learning. This was always going to happen as we moved into a digital first world, but the use of these types of learning has been accelerated by at least five years due to the pandemic. 

Jojn us as we discuss the latest evidence and thinking with guest Jo Cook, virtual learning and webinar expert.

For the last 18 months people have been increasing their use and investments in virtual learning and as we come out of lockdowns but still cope with a Covid-world the reality of hybrid learning is starting to appear. However, there is growing evidence that even though organisations are trying lots of things, they aren’t seeing the impact they desire.New challenges, such as access to an overwhelming amount of open source advice that’s not always accurate, the impact on wellbeing, spiraling costs and the perception of the loss of human connection preventing ‘learning’ are causing frustration and making people question the value of these types of learning. These points concern us a lot, as any learning interventions not done well impact learners, teams, organisations and clients. Everywhere you look people are talking about these types of learning and offering advice, but what’s worth listening to and what’s really working in practice? 

On a mission to find out the answers and share what’s really working are Jo Cook, virtual classroom and webinar specialist and Jane Daly, Behavioural Scientist specialising in evidence-based culture and capability transformation. 

Jo and Jane want to support more people to take an evidenced-based approach and drive the virtual and hybrid success they are looking for. ‘Through the lens research on virtual and hybrid learning’ is open from 4th October until 4th November 2021. Simply click here to join the conversation and have your say. 

If you can’t wait to hear the results of the research, you can listen to their podcast here and take the survey here.



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