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Gone are the days when making a video would entail expensive and bulky equipment. We’re part of a generation lucky enough to have a high definition video camera and editing suite in our pockets.

Anyone who owns a smartphone has the means to shoot, edit and distribute video content online, but not necessarily the skills. That’s where Brightest Bulb come in.

Over the course of our CPD accredited two-day Foundation Course, we teach the basics of camera work and some simple editing techniques, providing the course attendees with the skills to produce some impressive and engaging content on their smartphone.

We do this using our trademarked iDEC® (individual, director, editor, camera-person) approach to training.

This is a mixture of teaching and practical sessions; course attendees learn the 6 basic skills and techniques used in video creation.

o GV’s (General Views)
o Interviews and piece to camera
o Montage creation
o Voice over
o Captioning
o Editing to music

Creating content that will engage takes more than technical skills. Attendees also learn about the soft skills; how to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end, how to get the best from interviewees, how to plan ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly. The skills they learn can be applied to creating content for internal communications, sales, marketing, recruitment, training, thought leadership and CSR.

Brightest Bulb has delivered the iDEC® 2-day Foundation Course to businesses of all sizes and across a wide number of sectors. We have trained companies onsite and individuals on our open courses. Feedback has been consistently excellent.
We have trained people who have little or no technical knowledge, who have arrived on the course feeling very apprehensive, but have completed the course feeling confident in their new abilities to go on and create their own video content.

Clients include:
BMW, University of Warwick, Goldsmiths, FSB, Global Marine, Sirius, Scottish Government, A C Lloyd, Chase de Vere, Oxford Community Foundation, Arctic Circle.


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