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The Kairos Experience is a Learning and Development Business that helps companies grow by developing their people. We deliver first class coaching, courses and consulting to help you build better individuals, teams and organisations, where everyone can bring their best.

Everything we deliver is business relevant, highly engaging, using amusing activities to make the whole of your learning experience, most memorable.

We commit to the delivery of outstanding learning experiences, which integrate business simulations, application of that learning within your daily routines, coaching, consulting and "hand-holding" to ensure that transformational change takes place within your business and life.

We deliver our services nationally and internationally, specifically to individuals, teams and entire organisations. You will  also have the ability to experience many of our courses and coaching online, or even on the phone. This provides us with the ability to offer a range of prices for our services which can be for a single person or for a whole team.

Should you desire a company wide programme, we would be delighted to take a brief, propose and build a solution that will exactly meet your needs.

Harness a wide range of world class facilitators and business coaches, with many years experience, all trained and developed in the style, tone and manner of The Kairos Experience through our prestigious Kairos Academy, we can take on the deign, development and delivery of almost any corporate events and conferences.

We work with many global brands such as Novartis, Pfizer, Vodafone and Microsoft. We even teach Microsoft's sales representatives how to sell software. Having said that, we specialise in 5 key areas:

Leadership Personal Development Team Development Sales Excellence Presentation and Delivery Skills. 

We would love to hear from you and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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Content Design
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Advertising & Marketing
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