Adrian Hales

I help ambitious coaches and consultants accelerate their performance by leading them through the transformative catalyst method. 


- Transforming Mental and Emotional Conflict. 

- Creating Clear Vision and Purpose That Drive Performance. 

- Mastering Coaching and Business Performance. 

- Ambitious Self Employed Coaches And Consultants. 

- Ambitious Full Time Employed Coaching And Consultants. 

- Teaching Advanced Learning, Coaching and Workshop Design. 


- mBIT Master Coach and Trainer. 

- NLP Master Practitioner (SNLP)

- NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP)

- NLP Master Coach (ABNLP)

Outcomes And Impact. 

“I invested in a personal coaching program with Adrian. This was an investment in myself and also an act of faith in Adrian and Coaching.
I would strongly recommend Adrian as a Coach. The personal change and therefore results are clear after three months. More importantly, I know I will use what I have learned personally and transformation is in progress. Getting to the route of self-confidence, knowing more of how to use my whole self and ownership of my strengths have been a few of my gains in the process.”  Expert Consultant, Tech  

"Adrian has helped me to believe in myself. I have been able to craft my life by implementing the tools Adrian has shared with me. I was at crossroads both in my personal and professional life when I started the coaching journey with Adrian. I was taught to believe in myself, set clear boundaries and not be afraid to ask for what I want. I can now set clear boundaries at work and can no longer be walked over. For the first time, I have a vivid vision for my future self.  Adrian adapted his delivery to help me understand why it was ok to be brave and stand up for myself. I would highly recommend a series of his 1 to 1 sessions. 10/10." Senior Leader, Banking 

My experience of Adrian's coaching was incredible - despite exploring deep stuff I felt safe, in an expertly held space, and guided to transcend my self-imposed limitations in the most natural way. It really was transformative, and I highly recommend Adrian as a coach to anyone wanting real deep work that will enable them to make a bold move forward. It's helped me to just not buy into my limitations anymore, and connect to greater wisdom within which is always gently nudging me in the right direction. NLP Coach

I learned how to cut through the noise, and gain clarity of mind, and make a good decision in record time just by spending time with you. I now feel really focused, and have clarity, and now I can access this greater clarity anytime myself and feel highly empowered and more confident. This was seriously amazing for me and gave me the keys to my path and now. Consultant, Marketing 



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